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Friday, December 5, 2014

Marlboro Montessori Kindergarten Performance

The Kindergarten  and First Grade children at Marlboro Montessori Academy wowed their audience with a spectacular performance about the first Thanksgiving.  Their message was loud and clear; it’s not about football or turkey, it's about working together like the Pilgrims and Patuxet Indians of Massachusetts .  Happy Thanksgiving from our Montessori Family to yours!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

"Students Change Hunger" at Marlboro Montessori

The Elementary students at the Marlboro Montessori Academy are joining forces with “Students Change Hunger” to provide food for those who are less fortunate this Thanksgiving.  Together we can help the food bank of Monmouth and Ocean County fight hunger.


Thursday, October 30, 2014

Captain Brett visits Marlboro Montessori Academy

Stop, drop and roll! This was the theme along with "Get out and Stay out!" Captain Brett from the Asbury Fire Department spoke about fire safety and what you should and should not do during a fire. He brought his equipment and geared up to demonstrate how the clothing helps protect him during a fire.

Fireman have only a minute to get dressed and get on the truck!

This tank helps me breath
See it's still me, no need to be afraid!

Stay close to the floor!

Captain Brett would also like to remind you to change your smoke alarm batteries, and be sure to have a fire safety plan for your family!

Special thanks to Captain Brett and the Asbury Park Fire Department for visiting us at Montessori.

The Children at Marlboro Montessori Bring their Bike to School Day!

The children in the Upper Elementary brought their bikes to school on Friday.  They had a wonderful time enjoying nature and exercising their bodies as well as their minds!

Look Mom no hands!


The Marlboro Montessori Academy celebrates Diwali!

Diwali, known as the "Festival of Lights," is observed in the fall.  The meaning of this celebration is to signify that good always conquers evil. The light illuminates the darkness and hope over-rides anguish and gloom.  The children had a great day filled with an abundance of positive energy!
You don't have to be from India to celebrate Diwali!


                                A great day to dance and celebrate


Dr. Raj explains the meaning of Diwali as she shows the small lights used to celebrate.

The Marlboro Montessori Academy Spends a day on the Farm!

It was a great day to spend on the farm! The staff at Green Meadows Petting Farm was delightful.

The children and parents had a wonderful hands on learning experience.

Smile for the camera!



Thank you Green Meadows for a wonderful day!