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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Kindergarten and Elementary April Newsletter

WOW! March came in like a lion; however, we are not sure how it is going to be on the way out! This wacky weather made math fun in our Elementary classes.  Our second grade meteorologists made weather charts. They tracked the precipitation and the current weather conditions of the day.  

Our older students did not let the zany weather stop them from planting an organic garden filled with basil, spearmint and a variety of herbs (they will transfer them outdoors once the warmer conditions prevail).

Seedlings will also be sprouting in our kindergarten class as the children use organic pots such as eggshells, oranges, lemons, and grapefruits to grow their beans!

“The Respiratory System” tied in nicely with the breezy days.  The children performed experiments that tested their lung capacity and bubble making abilities! Next month, our focus will be on the Muscular System. The children will jump for joy when they get involved with this part of the body.

Just a little patience is all it takes!

Kindergarten found the Spring Equinox “eggciting” as they balanced eggs and discussed how the tilt of the Earth influences the seasons.  They were also delighted to learn that from this point on the days will be longer!

Chef James from "Hell's Kitchen" teaches our young chefs how to bake bread. 

Food is always a special part of our curriculum and baking bread is one of the oldest trades in history.  Chef James “kneaded” a little help from the Elementary students when he demonstrated the art of baking bread.  The Kindergarten students also had a “hand” in baking on “St Patty’s Day” when they made delicious Irish Soda Bread.

Our Kindergarten and Elementary
friends give a demonstration on "Irish Step Dancing"

Turning solids to liquids and back again was also part of the Elementary science segment on Matter.  The first grade made their own writing utensils by taking a mixture of old crayons and melting them; once they cooled, the variety of colors  turned  into “Rainbow” crayons!  The fact that they came out so colorful was more exciting than the process!  Another great way to recycle! 

As a “Matter” of fact, the older students had a fantastic time making “Flubber,” by using borax, glue, and food coloring.   Our younger friends found out that using lemon juice and some salt can make a penny shiny and new!  

March ended on a high note!  “The Golden Rule” was the highlight of the Kindergarten play, and the children delivered the message loud and clear as they performed “Character Matters” by Bad Wolf Press.  Bravo, Kindergarten!

What do you get when you put a 50 pound turtle, a few snakes, a lizard, a chinchilla, (which sat on a few heads), a bird, a flying dog that thinks it’s a “bee”, and a bunch of boys and their moms in a room?  “A Walk on the Wild Side”!  Friday night was a blast!  The boys and their moms were riveted as Brian took out his furry and scaly friends, one by one.  

Brian gave interesting facts about the animals as they interacted with the boys (and their moms).  Some of the boys actually got to ride on the turtle while others received a head message from a chinchilla!  See our "Golden Rule" and "Mother & Son Night" blog for more info and pictures!)
The Kindergarten and Elementary Teachers

Reminders and events:

April 7th :                               World Health Day
April 14th to 18th :                  School closed for Spring Break
April 22nd :                             Earth Day
April 25th :                              Arbor Day

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Dr. Seuss Day at the Marlboro Montessori Academy!

On March 3, 2014, the Marlboro Montessori Academy celebrated Dr. Seuss’s Birthday with a Green Eggs and Ham breakfast.  

I Love Green Eggs and Ham!

Our chefs helped prepare the dish that “Sam I Am” found so tasty. 

The children joined “Reading Across America” by reciting several of their favorite Dr. Seuss books.


Look at me, take a look! I am in a Dr. Seuss book!

Keeping with the theme of the day, little artists took to the easels with their renditions of  “The Cat in The Hat”...

...while the older classmates wrote their own rhymes and stories.

Don't worry little fish, "Green Eggs and Ham" is our favorite dish!
Past and Present!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Kindergarten and Elementary March Newsletter

Marlboro Montessori Academy’s Kindergarten and Elementary classes will be focusing on the “Respiratory System” during the month of March. We will continue to study our anatomy with many more fun experiments!  This system will tie in nicely with our emphasis on the windy weather of March.  During the month of March activities and lessons will vary among the grades, but the theme will be the  “Respiratory System” for all classes.

 Dr. Samra, a plastic and reconstructive surgeon, trained in Hand and Microsurgery, visited the Kindergarten and Elementary students. He illustrated the hand and discussed the placement of the veins, nerves and phalanges.  His model of the hand was a big hit!  He demonstrated how each digit was important and how it played a special role in making our hands move to do various tasks. 

Thank you Dr. Samra and Dr. Steinglass.

 At Marlboro Montessori, the birthday of Dr. Seuss is a cause for great celebration.  A variation of Green Eggs and Ham were the highlight of the morning!  We will also be making planters this month in honor of another Dr. Seuss favorite; “The Lorax.”  Rhyming, Poetry and Character Building will conclude our study of this beloved author.

Daylight savings time begins and our days will be longer; spring is just around the   corner!  The spring Equinox will lead us into time and measurements. “Eggciting” experiments will be weighing in!

“Character Matters” is the next Kindergarten presentation, which is scheduled for the evening of March 27th.  More information will follow.

“Montessori Goes Country” is on schedule for the evening of May 10th.   Both kindergarten and elementary students are included in this program. Right now there is lots of hoedown music going on at Montessori! More information will follow concerning costumes, songs and other particulars.

Mothers and sons join us on March 28th for a “ Walk on the Wild Side.” This night will be filled with many amazing animals and one very large turtle!  This is a night when the “SON” shines the brightest!  Please check out the WILD SIDE website at www.partyonthewildside.com

Recapping Activities from February

Dr. Steinglass, a thoracic and cardiac surgeon, (aka Samantha’s grandpa) came to our class and gave a wonderful presentation on the heart.  He brought in a stethoscope so the children could hear their own heartbeat and a Doppler to listen to their blood flow.  It was an amazing presentation with masks and surgical gloves for all!

Additional Updates from February

·      The school trip to see Alexander’s Horrible Day was even better than expected.  Everyone loved it…teachers also.

·      The Groundhog did not see his shadow and our weather confirms his prediction…more of the same!!
·      Fun facts about Abraham Lincoln and money were introduced.

·      The Sweet Heart Dance was an amazing success! Our Fathers and Daughters had a wonderful evening and made special memories.

·      100 Days have passed! We made predictions on the amount of Cheerios in a box and marshmallows in a bag! Both amounts were surprising!

Snow Days on the slopes of Montessori were extraordinarily exciting! We may be sledding again if the groundhog is correct.  

National Potato Chip Day and “Pi” Day: March 14th.

St. Patrick’s Day (wearing of the green)…even if you are not Irish: March 17th.

National Waffle Day: March 25th.