Extraordinary children walk through these doors... Montessori does the rest.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Mother Nature visits Marlboro Montessori Academy Camp!

Some unexpected and exciting moments that occurred at summer camp!

Always look both ways before crossing!

                                                                     Rock on!

Marlboro Montessori Visits The Princeton University Art Museum

The elementary students at Marlboro Montessori went on their first field trip to the Princeton University Art Museum.  Before entering the museum, the children had the opportunity to explore the campus. Princeton University was founded before the American Revolution! 

 Oval with Points, by Sir Henry Moore

The Blair Arch 

Under The Blair Arch... one of the many beautiful arches that grace the grounds

The children sit on mosaic stones that are 2000 years old.  They were imported  from Princeton University’s excavations in  Antioch 

                                                             Medusa is one of the mosaics 

Maya vase collection

                                      Does someone in this painting have two left feet?

Our tour guide explains the brush strokes used by The Impressionist, Monet


American Art
If you look closely you will see how the artist  painted the American flag in the smoke!


                                             The gardens near the Prospect House
tree huggers!

     It was a beautiful day for a walk on the campus and a stroll through the museum!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Mother and Son Night

Mother and Son Night

It was a night filled with snakes, lizards, a rabbit, a 50 pound turtle, and a dog with an identity crisis! (who thought it was a “Bee!”) and a duck who just “quacked” us up! What more can a boy ask for? … Pizza, of course!

Brian Wilde's,"Party on the Wild Side", entertained the children with his knowledge and love for the variety of species. He spoke about habitats, origins, and personalities of the animals.
The evening was informative, engaging, and hands on.

Each child got to pet the animals and, in some cases, either rode it or wore it!

Brian also emphasized the importance in keeping the environment safe for all living things that share our planet.