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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Montessori Goes Country

Marlboro Montessori held its first “Hoedown” on Saturday night at the Marlboro Recreation Center. The Elementary students lit up the stage performing some of the best country songs through the decades.  It was a foot tappin, hand clappin, good ole time! 

Our second  grade students "Walked the Line" singing the hit song by Jonny Cash!


                                     Our first grade students had fun singing "Jambalaya" 

It's all about the climb!

                                         Kindergarten signed and sang "You are my Sunshine"
You'll come back now!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Kindergarten and Elementary May Newsletter

The school year may be winding down, but the Kindergarten and Elementary classes are in full swing! In honor of Earth Day, the Kindergarten and Elementary class used the three “R’s: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle” as their main focus in learning how to take care of our planet.

All three classes used thought-provoking ideas using ordinary materials that were considered trash, such as tissue paper, shoeboxes, CDs, twigs and toilet paper rolls, to create new and interesting items.

Our Elementary class tied in Arbor Day with poetry, and composed beautiful poems honoring the trees. Our first grade read The Lorax, and discussed the importance that trees, vegetation and foliage have on our planet. 

Our Kindergarten friends used their muscles as they concluded their yearlong project on the Human Body.  Did you know that you have more than 600 muscles in your body? 

Movement was an issue with our older students as they ended their study on Force and Motion.  What does Gatorade, Pepsi, vinegar, coins and paper towels have in common? All were used in making a battery!  Using these household items, the Upper Elementary created a working battery!

 The first grade studied the different types of energy and how it is used; and our Kindergarten students learned about germination and how a seed turns into a plant.  We will continue to plant a variety of seeds, and chart their growth using recycled soda bottles as flowerpots. They will also be exploring the life cycles of different animals and discussing their similarities and differences.

The final destination for our Elementary students will be in space, as our students travel the solar system. Speaking of travel, they will also be discovering the many paths that our ancestors journeyed to build new lives.

Symbolism and freedom will also highlight this unit of study.  Our young travelers will be using creative writing to bring these stories to life and will share their expeditions with their friends.

Speaking of symbols, sign language is taught in our Kindergarten class.  The children are learning simple signs and phrases to communicate with each other. 

As we experience the warm weather, we encourage you to please apply sunscreen before arrival and send in extra labeled water bottles.
The snack of the month is “summer fruits”, e.g. watermelon, berries etc.

May 5th: Cinco de Mayo, fresh salsa and chips are on the menu for the snack of the day.

May 10th: "Marlboro Academy Goes Country" show

May 13th: Our chicks arrive! (Actually the eggs will arrive, soon to be chicks)

May 21st: An “Unbirthday Celebration” on Wednesday
for all our friends who celebrate their official birthdays in the summer.  We will contact parents of students with summer birthdays for an assortment of treats.  The celebration will take place outdoors, weather permitting, and the whole school will participate in this annual event.

May 27-30 After Memorial Day, we will continue to study our country and those who served us and the different branches of the Armed Forces.

June 2nd: June Camp begins!

May 2014 Primary Newsletter

Dear Parents,

This year has been one of tremendous growth for all of us.  We have covered a great deal of ground academically and practiced working together with one another in the spirit of cooperation.  We hope that your children come away from this year with a greater appreciation of the benefits of learning together in a social setting.


May, a month of finalizing loose ends and preparing for Primary Graduation, brings music and song into our classrooms.  Invited family and friends can help celebrate with our graduates as they embark down life’s long journey on Wednesday, May 28th, at 7:00 PM.  The ceremony will be filled with both memories and pride as parents watch their loved ones receive their first diploma.

Back by popular demand and parent’s preference, a weekly curriculum overview is listed below:

May 5 – May 9
Keeping with our study of different cultures around the world, we will celebrate Cinco de Mayo on Monday, May 5th.  Fresh salsa and chips, along with Mexican music, are planned for this festive day.
Miss Lynn and Miss Lina’s class are planning a Mother’s Day Picnic for their moms on Tuesday, May 6th (Raindate: Wednesday, May 7th).  Our mothers are the best…and we wish them all a very special Mother’s Day on Sunday, May 11th!
May 12 – May 16
With the arrival of eggs (and soon-to-be chicks) on Tuesday, May 13th, we will be talking about all the new life that Spring brings each year, including life cycles and how different animals care for their young. 
May 19 – May 23
As our school year draws to a close, we will have an “Unbirthday Celebration” on Wednesday, May 21st, for all our friends who celebrate their official birthdays in the summer. Teachers will contact parents of students with summer birthdays for an assortment of treats.  The celebrations will take place outdoors, weather permitting, and the whole school with participate in this annual event.
A special thanks to all our parents who generously donated birthday books for the Children’s Library throughout the year!
May 27 – May 30
After Memorial Day, we continue to honor those who have served our country by discussing the various branches of the Armed Services.
During the month of May, we will spend more time outdoors enjoying warmer weather and fun-filled activities. Remember to apply sunscreen before arrival and send in extra labeled water bottles.
Thank you for your help and support toward this year’s curriculum, “The Amazing Anatomy”.  We hope everyone enjoyed our travels through the intricate workings of the human body.
The snack of the month is “summer fruits”, e.g. watermelon, berries, etc.  We thank all our parents for their generosity in supplying snacks and refreshments throughout the year.  Your children are extremely grateful for the variety of your healthy choice of treats.
Dates to Remember:
Sunday, May 11 – Mother’s Day
Monday, May 26 – Memorial Day – School closed
Wednesday, May 28 – Primary Graduation
Friday, May 30 – Last day of school for the calendar year
Monday, June 2 – June camp begins
We wish everyone a wonderful, safe and fun-filled summer!

Jean Avery

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Marlboro Montessori Kindergarten Performs "Character Matters"

The Kindergarten class delighted their audience performing in a play, "Character Matters", by Bad Wolf Press.
This play explained how "The Golden Rule" should apply to everyone, even a big, bad wolf!

The children did a wonderful job getting the message across to everyone; Jack and the Giant found a way to become friends, Cinderella and her friends, the mice, let go of anger, and our Three Bears found forgiveness in their hearts for Goldilocks. The Magic Mirrors reflected on telling the truth, even in a difficult situation; while Little Red Riding Hood made it very clear that eating people is not a nice thing to contemplate.

The princesses learned patience is a virtue, and the Three Pigs learned working together can bring great results! Our council did a great job keeping their storybook friends in check; and like all "Fairy Tales" it had a happy ending!

Bravo, Kindergarten, for a job well done!